Founded in 1992, D & B Logistics, Inc. set out to create a Freight Payment and Transportation Service firm that actively partners with our clients. Since that day, we have labored under an ethical code to protect our clients from unnecessary expense. We turn invoices into actionable information, and find opportunities to go above and beyond when ever required. Decades later, we are still here, offering great service, exceptional value, and truly innovative and proprietary technology. We are 100% based in the USA, with all employees living and working in the United States. We are one of the only firms capable of full freight payment in North America and Europe.

BEWARE OF FRAUD - Our friends in the banking industry have passed on to D&B that there is a high level of check fraud currently in the US and Canada. We wanted to make sure you are protected, so please make sure you are protecting yourself. A great resource is StopFraud.gov which, is a free site, maintained by the US Department of Justice.

About Us

D & B Logistics, Inc. has decades of saving our clients money, with services that fulfill our client needs, be they in the Fortune 500 or in Small-town USA. Beyond the decades that we have been D & B, our people, with decades of experience, makes the difference. We invite you to consider who we are as you decide if we are the right fit for your company's needs.

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Freight Auditing, Processing & Payment
EDI Processing, Payment & Billing
Weekly, Monthly & Ad-Hoc Reporting
General Ledger Reporting & Allocation
Governmental Compliance
Cost Accruals
Information Analysis
Programmers on Staff
Carrier Benefits

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