Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to add value to your company while keeping costs low. And with our 100% U.S. based workforce, you can be sure that your data will be guarded by, and handled by people who understand your transportation and financial needs.

Freight Payment:

Featuring Pre-Audit, Data Reporting, Online Inquiry, Fast Processing Tracks, and the ability to work in multiple currencies

Transportation Analysis

Do you wonder how much it costs you to have a facility in one city over another? Based on your contracts, current market factors, like fuel and toll roads, and the importance of time critical fulfillment, we can answer that question for you. Do you need to know what customers cost you in hidden ways, such as demurrage charges, appointment fees, and canceled orders. We can help you with that too.

In fact, we like the kind of mental challenges brought by true logistics (the art and science of getting what you need to where you need it, at a price you can afford). If you have questions and are looking for people who can produce answers, we can help.

Experience in Multiple Countries:

Unlike most freight payment firms, D&B can handle the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe in native currencies. Our strong international banking relations and ability to translate invoices lets us go where other companies can't.


Every invoice we touch is scanned and maintained for the clients ease of use. Often governments, like Canada, require documentation going back 7 years or more. Our clients are protected by government accepted images that prove your customs, export, and Value Added Tax documents were in order.

Additionally, carriers are switching to paperless billing, and some are even charging if you don't switch. With our new Email based invoice processing, combined with our existing imaging systems, we can turn your paper, emailed, and EDI invoices into a seamless single stream.


Do your shareholders or owners demand accountability? Do you wonder if the contract you signed is being applied? Have you ever thought that you already paid an invoice? Let us help. We make no apologies in saying that preventing unwarranted expense is how we make our money. In fact, last year we saved an average over 10 times our own annual fees. That is what we call return on investment.


Some providers can process EDI for only a few carriers, at D&B Logistics, we offer an expansive range of EDI services, and free FTP servers (no Value Added Network Costs) for our EDI Partners.

Some carriers are too small to invest in EDI billing systems. We can help there too. With the ability to process carrier specific files, like the UPS eBill Flat file format, we can accept excel, csv, and other formats that return the data needed for electronic exchange, without excess costs.