Our Technology

When we say "Our Technology" we mean that we built it, own it, maintain it and fully control it.

Unlike some firms that slip invoices out the back door into some data entry system in India or China and then run the returned data through some off the shelf software, we actually control the whole process.

With programmers on full-time staff, we can take our decades of experience and build your company a custom freight payment or billing system.

Built on the Most Accepted Standards

We develop in the systems that the widest majority of companies want: Microsoft Servers, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) Adobe Acrobat and more.

Experience in Multiple Countries:

Unlike most freight payment firms, D&B can handle the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe in native currencies. Our strong international banking relations and ability to translate invoices lets us go where other companies can't.

We use the daily published exchange rates to normalize our records into a single currency for your reports, so you always compare like to like across the entire globe, and yet retain the full capacity to remit in native currencies.

We also have custom built systems that daily scan our accounts in multiple countries to watch for abnormalities in these accounts.


Every invoice we touch is scanned and maintained for the client's ease of use. Often governments, like Canada, require documentation going back 7 years or more. Our clients are protected by government accepted images that prove your customs, export, and Value Added Tax documents were in order.

Additionally, carriers are switching to paperless billing, and some are even charging if you don't switch. With our new Email based invoice processing, combined with our existing imaging systems, we can turn your paper, emailed, and EDI invoices into a seamless single stream.

We also have systems, that interface with the web portals of many Carriers, so we can pull backup documentation images for even EDI records.


Some providers can process EDI for only a few carriers, at D&B Logistics, we offer an expansive range of EDI services, and free FTP servers (no Value Added Network Costs) for our EDI Partners.

We handle Air, Motor Carrier, and Rail ANSI X12 exchanges, and since we build our own EDI programs, if there is any other exchange you need, we can build the system out to fit.

Some carriers are too small to invest in EDI billing systems. We can help there too.

We also handle many proprietary file formats from carriers, like the UPS eBill flat file.

Custom Programs

D&B Logistics was founded by one of the first people to ever write a freight payment system. As such, we keep programmers on staff, and use only our own programs and data structures. We build on Microsoft and Adobe standard platforms, and can change virtually any system to the custom needs of our clients.

Additionally, we have the capacity and skills to do much more than just freight payment and route analysis. If you have a project that needs knowledgeable people, give us a call. We would be glad to build your next billing system, CRM software, or transportation auction portals.